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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How Google ranks websites

How Google ranks websites

Importance of factors which contribute more to promote your websiteGoogle's order of results is automatically determined by more than - 100 different factors, the importance of all factors is not equal and we know today about some very important factors to rank Lmsll famous PageRank algorithm. Of course the rating system is esoteric and the reason is to protect the integrity of search results that Google is trying to save.
Every time Google updates the database web pages, their index is replaced necessarily, or in simpler words - location of the site in search results with the search value varies Feed feed.Naturally, site ranking is affected by changes in the ranking of other sites, so you might direct your efforts to improve your location in Google, and actually will achieve the opposite direction to other sites that provide similar interests to your site, also improved making their websites better.Google is a manually-order the results to promote ranking of a website. Grading process completely automated and takes into account as more than - 100 factors to determine the relevance of each result.

If you like the site will be returned for certain keywords, include these words on your pages.Google's crawlers analyze the content of Web pages in the index to determine the search questions for which the greatest relevance. If your website clearly and accurately describes the subject, and many other sites link to it, it will probably appear again as a result a search for the keywords you want.So how do you get a better rating?
There are several known factors as more important than the rest, if you force yourself to make all rules and recommendations, it is highly likely to put you to notice your site promotion search engine Google in particular, but because other robots using the same methods, then your site location and other search engines will improve as well. This Hvssi start with is to check if your site optimized for scanning robots, that is whether all instances staff badges, Do you use keywords in the page header also, do you emphasize headings, whether your pages are easily etc.. After testing and optimizing the code, the factor most important thing is not really connected to your site, but definitely your content - some other sites on the internal network to your website, and more importantly - what is registered at the link linking - Try to exchange links with other sites, and be sure to register at the link that connects relevant information And not just the URL.Also an important factor is the amount of information that your site, if you are not only informative site image site, try to add what is more content, articles, newsletters and other information can be Lhkritz. Another important thing - the frequency of update site, update your site with even small changes as possible. The last factor is the depth of known importance of pages - that is how far a particular page from the main page of the site, if necessary through more than three pages to get to, so its importance decreases strongly advised to make a site map that includes all pages, but not more than 100 links on one page.

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