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Thursday, March 1, 2012

3d studio max tutorials How to model a Digital Photo Frame step 27-53

3d studio max tutorials How to model a Digital Photo Frame step 27-53

Step 27: Scale the holder using the Select and Scale tool in the Y axis direction until 120.
Step 28: Now in the Back make a Ring selection of the edges and connect the with 1 Segment.
Step 29: Using the Select and Move tool move the newly create edges like you see below.
Step 30: Chamfer the edges with an amount of 2.0cm and 10 Segments.
Step 31: Make a loop selection of the inside and outside corner edges and Chamfer them with an amount of 0.15cm and 3 Segments.
Step 32: Using the Select and Move, Scale Rotate tools you can arrange your objects like you see below. We can also do this later so don’t bother.
Step 33: To create the Remote control simply create a new Rectangle only this time change the Interpolations steps to 5, the Length to 20.0cm, the Width to 10.0cm and the Corner Radius to 1.0cm. Convert it to Editable Poly.
Step 34: In Edge selection mode using the Cut tool create the Highlighted edges you see below. It’s very important to make the Cut from Vertex to Vertex, not from Vertex to Edge or something.
Step 35: In every corner make 2 new cuts like i’ve did. Again, it’s very important to make the Cut from vertex to vertex so pay extra attention. We will only have quads now(4 sided polygons).
Step 36: Go in polygon selection mode and select all polygons. Bevel them with an Height amount of 0.3cm and the Outline amount of -0.5cm.
Step 37: Detach the Polygons as Clone and Name them Remote_Front.
Step 38: Exactly as we did with the Frame create the Remote’s Back and Middle Side. Detach, Bevel, Inset, Chamfer. Do the exact same things only with different amounts. Leave the Front polygons as it was when we Detached it.
Step 39: Our middle polygons should have the Length of 9.0 cm and the Width of 18.0cm.  You can create a Plane with this size from Create, Geometry, an position it in the back of our Remote_Front as reference.
Step 40: Select the edges i’ve selected and Connect the with 18 segments.
Step 41: Again select the edges you see selected below and Connect them with 9 Segments.
Step 42: Select all the Polygons and Inset the with an amount of
Step 43: Add a Shell modifier with the Outer amount of 0.05cm and Convert the Object to Editable Poly.
Step 44: Make a Loop selection of the outer edges and Chamfer them with an amount of 0.01cm and 1 Segment.
Step 45: Using the Cut tool create the edges you see below. I’m sorry for repeating my self but, again, make sure your Cut is from Vertex to Vertex. If you don’t make the cut correctly you will have problems when we will add the Turbo Smooth modifier.
Step 46: Select the Middle Vertex and Chamfer it with an amount of 0.85cm.
Step 47: Inset the polygons create from chamfering the vertex with an amount of 0.01cm.
Step 48: Change the Inset amount to 0.2cm click Apply 2 Times and then click OK.
Step 49: Using the Cut tool create new edges like i’ve did.
Step 50: Select the middle 9 vertices  and in Soft selection rollout menu check the box for Use Soft Selection. Change the Falloff amount to 0.65cm and the Bubble to 0.6. Using the Select and Move tool move the vertices outwards in the Y axis direction. Uncheck the Use Soft Selction box when you finish.
Step 51: Using the exact same method we used to create our first button create the rest of the button. You can create them all at once. When you finish add a TurboSmooth modifier from the Modifier list.
Step 52: Unhide the rest of the objects if you’ve hidden them. Position the objects to fit one with the other.
Step 53: We will now make the LG logo, so, create a new circle with 12 Interpolations steps and a Radius of 2.0cm. Convert it to Editable Spline.

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