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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Guide and tips to clickbank - the big affiliate market

It's FREE And certainly the fastest, easiest and best way to make passive income online

There is no doubt that the influence and dominance of ClickBank in the affiliate market is similar to the Search Engine Google, Facebook in social networking and electronic sales on ebay.
ClickBank platform provides an opportunity for anyone to become an affiliate marketer, very easily, in almost every conceivable niche and market one or more of tens of thousands of products on the Site, and there is no doubt that almost every affiliate marketer using this site and marketed products from the site.

what is clickbank ?

ClickBank is a platform designed specifically for affiliate marketing, the site connects people who have a product that you are selling and affiliate marketers who are interested to market your product.

The site focuses mainly on electronic sales which means a product that anyone who buys it - immediately after payment receive such e-manual or software, can be downloaded immediately at the time of buying.

ClickBank significant advantage to a marketer is that everything is under one roof, the marketer does not deal with the seller of the product, but only in front ClickBank responsible for payment of commission dealer, tracking buyers that a buyer comes through my record, customer returns etc..

The multiplicity of products allows marketer partners to market several different products (of thousands that exist) when commissions are accrued right on - under his name, and can withdraw the money after a minimum amount (no separation between the profit on each product).

Another advantage is that each product page has been built for sale so you do not have to make a convincing landing page to buy the product, but enough to spread on the network links that lead to the sales page of the product.

How to choose a product?

After a simple registration and fast within the site it's time to look for a product to market, after you select the product you will get a direct link to his sales page that you will need to advertise, for any surfer clicks on a link above and buy the product you will get your commission (in clickbank the commissions on any product is very high!).

To search for products Click on the "marketplace" at the top screen (third from the top menu), via the menu on the left you can navigate to the category of products that interesting you.

After clicking on the relevant category (or after a search in the search box of any product by a specific word you want) products relevant to your chosen category will appear - sorted by rating the popularity of the products, the product name appears in red and below the product description.

Any product like this is basically an offer to you as marketers become partners in marketing the product under each product description, presents data that are designed to help you choose a product:

Avg $/sale

This is the average amount you receive for each unit of the product you sell net of commissions to clickbank,The amount is an average because it includes returns of the product by the customer, that is clickbank allow customers who buy products marketed on the site if they are not satisfied with the product - to cancel the transaction within 30 days and get your money back,If they do so, of course, the fee will be deducted from the reseller (ie your) So the average fee usually lower than the official commission (ie commission on every sale you get and will not be refunds if the products you sold) because it takes into account the percentage of the return of the product.


There are products that will pay to you well for that buyer will upgrade after purchasing the product, the buyer will receive after the sale or during the buying option to upgrade or add additions to the product purchased, if the amount listed in this index - this is in addition to the payment you receive your commission on the sale if the customer will upgrade the purchase.

Total $/sale

This is the average amount you receive for each unit of the product that you sell including the additional fee you will get the upgrade of the product by the customer. (If no commission on the upgrade - this amount will be the same as the first index)

Avg% / sale

This is the percentage of the cost of the product marketer gets a commission on each sale (total fee to the cost of the product to the customer).


Percentage of units sold by affiliate marketers (compared by the owner of the product itself)


An important factor to note how different marketers earn from the product (during the last three months)When a marketer selling a lot more product so it gets a higher value of the grav (where 1 is the maximum value, for example, if a marketer selling a product today, the grav will increase by one if he sold a week ago so the grav will increase less than one - the more remote from today - affects less) .

As noted above weighting gives greater weight to the sellers that sold recently - it can be a good measure of the popularity of the product and the chance to make a sale.

Tips for choosing a product.

Any products in clickbank guarantee the buyer the option of returning the product within 30 days if he is not satisfied with the product, because products are stated Digitalim buyer wishes to exercise this right should just send an email to the seller and get his money back (he did not even have to delete the file from your computer ..).

The ease with which you can regret the purchase of digital products market - ensures that the product is not good enough, did not contribute anything to the buyer and does not cause the buyer evaluate - will be returned quickly.

If the buyer bought the product you are marketing then changed his mind and demanded his money - your commission will be deducted from your account, which means that the work you've invested in the client listed is lost. Therefore important to ensure that the rate of return of the product is not high just so you do not waste time on marketing products that ultimately to you will not generate income.

Way to check this is to look at the relationship between the price of the product and the average commission you receive it, when you click on the product you will see its selling price, if you double the percentage of commission you deserve (Avg% / sale) was less average commission (Avg $ / sale) as the average commission stated, includes the returns.

If the difference between the calculation of the fee by the percentage and the average commission rate - much higher - it can be concluded that there are a lot of product returns and therefore you should not mess with the above product.

The popularity of the product normally syncs with his grav (default order of their products is Popular among marketers, this usually coincides with the grav)Ie the more marketers who market the product will be more marketers that will sell, but if you see a popular product that has a relatively low grav (In respect of products less Popular thereof) can be concluded that either the product does not bring enough good conversion rate or more logical Popular of the specific product being drop -that means a lot of really sold it, but most sales were relatively long time ago and therefore less impact on the grav.

It is important to note that if you intend to market the product mainly in ppc not want to choose a product with grav too high because it indicates that there are many marketers who sell it and therefore competition for Google presentation will be larger and more expensive (As Google does not allow ads that lead to both selling the same page to be displayed in the same search) products typically located in the 5-10 clickbank results pages are the most effective and combine with relatively high popularity contest not too strong.

However, if most of your marketing is in seo marketing or free (enamels, forums, links, etc.) should necessarily choose the best product and the most sold in the niche since it indicates a good product and selling - in competitiveness less relevant the above cases.

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