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Friday, July 11, 2014

Tips for Choosing a Domain.

Tips for Choosing a Domain.

Domain is the address that you need to tap in the browser address bar to get to a certain website, usually associated with the domain name of the site or the theme of the site.
When building websites / landing pages for promotion of products and want to build a few sites under the same domain is important to choose a domain that will fit all the content we want to raise in the future so you should focus more on the content information of the domain (such as extension, place of acquisition, etc.) than his name.

Anyone who builds a website / blog / mini site / landing page should choose a domain before it raises its content to the server, you should plan well for the domain selection, after the site in the air will be difficult to replace the domain name, here are some points to pay attention to when choosing Domain:

Where to purchase a domain?

In purchasing a domain make sure that the selling company is reliable and really register the domain in your name, as well as read the terms of registering the company has no right to transfer the domain back to the case of complaints about the site. (Some of the regulations stipulate that if your site will be reported as a spammer, the Company may ban the domain - can be problematic for affiliate marketers).

Now the cheapest and most reliable I know where I buy my domain is "namecheap" you can find domains with all extensions at very low prices.
If you need storage server your site also note that a company storage Blohust (the company with which I store my sites) provides free storage for those who purchase a domain name.

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